Course name: Bachelors of Arts in Social work (BBS)

Affiliation: TribhuvanUniversity(T.U)

Faculty: Faculty of Management  (FOM)

Duration: 4 years

System: Yearly



BBS program affiliated with the FOM (Faculty of Management) of Tribhuwan University. It is Recognizing what is unique and special about the BBS degree can be of great value in helping you market yourself in today's difficult job market. It helps to develop required attitudes, abilities and practical skill in studies.BBS also encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in students to make them effective change agents in Nepalese community. This faculty also helps to equip the students with the required conceptual knowledge of business administration to develop a general management perspective in them.

 Course Structure

S. No. BBS Ist year Marks BBS II Year Marks BBS III Year Marks BBS IV Year Marks
1 Com. English 100(T) Business Communication 100(T) Finance 100(T) FIM/CRM 100(T)
2 POM 100(T) Account 100(T) OB 100(T) Entrepreneurship 100(T)
3 Statistics 100(T) Marketing 100(T) Business Environment 100(T) Investment/Selling Marketing 100(T)
4 Account 100(T) HRM 100(T) Tax and Audit 100(T) Corporate Finance/Service Marketing 100(T)
5 Economics 100(T) Economics 100(T) Account 100(T) Business Research 50(T)+50(P)

Total marks in BBS =1500


Percentage Rank Remarks
75%+ Distention  
60 to 74% First division  
45 to 59% Second Division  
35 to 44% Third Division  
Below 35% Fail  


BBS@ St.Lawrence College

·       Assignment

·       Presentation

·       Research proposal writing

·       Research and Report writing

·       Case study

·       Industrial Visit


BBS @ St.Lawrence

Ø BBS is running in St.Lawrence since 2067BS

Ø We have Experience faculty

Ø Social club for social activities

Ø Friendly Environment,

Ø Extra computer classes for BBS Student

Ø Scholarship for deserving student

Ø Well Managed classroom.

Admission Criteria

Ø PLC or 10+2 passed with minimum D grade

Ø From submission up to 27 Aswin 2075Class start 1st Mansir 2075