Bachelor in Social Work

BA – The Bacelor degree in Humani es and Social Sciences (Arts) is also a liated to TU and was strated from the year 2008 A.D. at St. Lawrence College. Primarily college focuses in Social Work, Mass Communica on and Major English for the specializa on courses under this stream though other courses are also available in this stream. Minimum 50% marks in the HSEB examina on or 60% marks is essen al if she /he is from the reputed ins tu on out of Nepal. Students studying BA at St. Lawrence College must go with Social Work and they have to select Mass Communica on or Major English as the next op on for their specializa on subject.

The BSW program is ge ng popular among the young genera on who are commi ed to establish themselves in the Social Service Sector. This course is specially designed to produce the social worker who can support the social development of the na on.


% Secured In +2 Admission Monthly Fee Annual
80 and above 100% 100% 100%
76-80 100% 75% -
71-75 75% 50% -
66-70 50% 25% -
61-65 30% 15% -
55-60 20% 10% -