Bsc. CSIT Program

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc.CSIT) is a 4-year, 8 semester’s program introduced by Tribhuvan University, Institute of Science and Technology. The course which was designed in 2064 B.S. by the department for this program is highly acceptable and demanding to the nation and the IT industries. The program develops the underlying principles of both Computer Science and Information Technology and shows how these principles can be applied to real world problems. This program develops the skills that are essential for both for both computer professionals and IT managers. The program comprises computer science and allied courses of 126 credit hours. The Department of Computer Science and  Information Technology at St. Lawrence College has been established as a center of excellence in Computer Science, through the initiation and support of eminent personalities and intellectuals who have rich, varied and profound expertise in the field of Computer and Information Technology.


Eligibility For Admission

The candidate applying for BSc.CSIT program must have:

  1. Successfully completed +2/PCL in science or its equivalent from any University, board or institution recognized by Tribhuvan University.
  2. Applicants are required to appear in the entrance test conducted by Institute of Science and Technology, Tribhuvan University (ISOT-TU) and should secure at least 35% marks in order to be eligible.
  3. Must Secure at least 2nd division in the 10+2, PCL or equivalent program. Compiled with all the application procedures.

Teaching Methodology

Each course follows a pre-determined lesson plan prepared by its respective faculty members. Students are made aware of the relevancy of the course and its practical implications. Our department uses e-learning methodology where the faculty members share their assignments, Notes, E-books, handbooks, slides, useful software and other materials to the students. The teachers encourages the students to submit their assignment through the mail system. Teachers have their own Google groups or FB page/group where student are given submission deadline for the assignment, projects, group discussions, presentation topics, etc.Students are encouraged to interact during and after class hours. They are also encouraged to indulge in individual and group researches.


Curriculam Structure

The BSc.CSIT program will have eight semesters with 126 credit hours. Each semester shall have duration of 6 months (Minimum of 15 weeks to maximum of 20 Weeks). The semesters start twice each year. All the subjects carries 3 credits each. This program comprises of the following courses:
Computer science core courses -------> 75 credit hours

  1. Natural science elective courses -------> 6 credit hours
  2. Mathematics courses -------> 12 credit hours
  3. English courses -------> 3 credit hours
  4. Social science and management courses -------> 6 credit hours
  5. Computer science elective courses -------> 15 credit hours
  6. Internship/Project -------> 9 credit hours

Total Credit hours ------->126 hours

Grading System

Percentage Pass Division
40% Pass Division
55% Second Division
70% First Division
80% or Above Distiction




Merit Based Scholarship

 We offer up to 100% scholarship on tuition fee to deserving candidates on merit base. This scholarship is based on T.U. BSc.CSIT Entrance Mark, College Entrance Mark, Plus Two/PCL Level Mark, and Interview. Scholarship Scheme for BScCSIT- 2072 at the Beginning Semester*

SN HSEB or Equivalent Percent Scholar Scheme IOST Entract Score Scholarship Scheme
Admission Fee Semester Fee Admission  Fee Semester Fee
1 HSEB Topper 100% 100% Entrance Topper 100% 100%
2 85% or Above 100% 75% 85% or Above 90% 75%
3 80% or Above 80% 50% 80% or Above 80% 50%
4 75% or Above 60% 40% 75% or Above 75% 40%
5 70% or Above 50% 30% 70% or Above 50% 30%
6 65% or Above 40% 20% 65% or Above 40% 20%
7 60% or Above 30% 10% 60% or Above 30% 10%

Semester Topper’s Scholarship

The college offers a special scholarship to a TU board semester topper student, which covers 50%, 30% and 20% of semester fee for first, second and third position holder respective. We believe that such scholarship will be highly beneficial and motivating for the deserving candidate. Students are highly encouraged to contact our information desk for further information about available scholarships.

Field Visit

Regular field visits are arranged by the college whenever needed. These filed visits are aimed at making students acquainted with the real time scenarios of what they have learned in class room and text books. Subject teachers would take students to the relevant fields for demonstrating the real implementation of the subject matters.

BSC.CSIT @St Lawrence

St. Lawrence realizes the importance of IT management study and helps to enforce the strength of this study so as to benefit our young aspirants to become the successful IT managers/programmers in the future. To achieve this noble objective, BSc.CSIT program at St. Lawrence specially attempts in the following aspects:

  •  Excellent academic environment
  •  Internships in different IT companies.
  •  Preferences for Seminars, Workshops and Field Visits.
  •  Preferences to IT related project works.
  •  Provides Guest Lectures.
  •  Technical Research & Presentations.
  •  Well-equipped computer laboratories and digital laboratories.
  •  Educational Tours in related places.
  •  Career counseling for job placement.
  •  Preparing student for research in recent technologies for future development
  •  Affiliation with various IT companies for graduate placement programs


External and Internal Evaluation Policy

Each Candidate shall be examined and evaluated internally by the department and externally by the University for Undergraduate Programs with the mandatory condition of passing in each internal as well as external evaluation. To be Qualified for the university exam, students must pass the Internal Examinations conducted by the college and secure pass marks in aggregate. It carries 8 mark (out of 20 Marks). The students qualified after chance test (those who misses the internal examinations) will get maximum of pass marks in the particular subjects.

  1. Attendance from 70%-80% to carry two mark (out of 20 Marks).
  2. Attendance from 81%-90% to carry three marks (out of 20 Marks).
  3.  Attendance from 91%-100% to carry Four marks (out of 20 Marks).
  4.  Students with attendance < 70% will be graded as NQ (Not Qualified).

Once a student is graded as Not Qualified (NQ), he/she must pass NQ clearance test (Covers 20 full Marks) to attend the university exam. Department will publish separate schedule for NQ clearance test. Marks he/she had scored previously in assignment and attendance will be added to the marks obtained in the test. The test will cover full course. Attendance <75% in practical class to be graded as FAILED in the practical course. Failed student are allowed to perform experiments in the next semester or the next year. Assignments/Project Reports/Presentations/Case Studies/Class Behavior/ Interaction with Teachers/Unit test/Group Discussions etc. covers the remaining 8 marks out of 20.


Non-Credit Professional Courses

St. Lawrence College has prepared a customized course for the CSIT students apart from the course curriculum prescribed by TU that included various career and profession oriented non-credit courses in different semester. These courses will be commenced as follows:

  1. 1st Semester: Static Webpage Designing (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
  2. 2nd Semester: Dynamic Webpage Designing (PHP/MySQL)
  3. 3rd Semester: RHCE
  4. 4th Semester: OCP
  5. 5th Semester: CCNA
  6. 6th Semester: DOT NET
  7. 7th Semester: Mobile Application
  8. 8th Semester : Entrepreneurship Development